What's TruVue?

Wireless Ambulatory ECG Monitoring

The TruVue™ wireless ambulatory ECG monitoring system is the first Mobile Telemetry system that transmits ALL of a patient’s ECG during the monitoring period. The TruVue system combines a sophisticated arrhythmia analysis algorithm with automatic wireless data transmission to provide a comprehensive long term ECG monitoring solution for patients with existing cardiac arrhythmia. A patient may be monitored with this system for up to 30 days.

The FIRST Mobile Telemetry system that transmits ALL of the ECG during the monitoring period!

The patient wears a tiny sensor connected by three electrodes attached to their chest. The sensor continuously digitizes a two channel electrocardiogram and transmits it via wireless link technology to a handheld unit that can be carried by the patient or placed nearby. The handheld unit utilizes cellular communication technology to transmit every beat of the two channel electrocardiogram to secure servers located at our 24 x 7 monitoring center staffed by certified cardiac technicians.

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Why TruVue?

Wireless ambulatory ECG monitoring is well suited for patients diagnosed with underlying cardiac disease that have demonstrated a need for long-term ECG monitoring. With a combination of algorithm triggered ECG recordings, patient-initiated recordings, and the ability to review every beat of the electrocardiogram for up to 30 days, the system provides documentation of any symptomatic or asymptomatic events that might occur during the monitoring period.

TruVue was designed from the ground up to be more patient-friendly than other monitoring devices. A straightforward intuitive user interface makes it simple to use for patients of all ages.

Every Second.

Every Day.

Every Beat.

  • 24 Hour Continuous ECG Monitoring
  • Real-time recording and transmission of cardiac rhythm and data
  • Patient Friendly handheld operation
  • Around-the-clock patient support and monitoring

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Physician Info

Biomedical Systems provides TruVue users with the ability to access their patient's ECG monitoring data around the clock. Our HIPAA compliant web application is scalable and can be customized to fit your needs. You can enroll patients on-line, review reports, or display and print any ECG data from any time frame within the 30 days of monitoring.

By logging in to Biomedical Systems' secure web application, you will be presented with a listing of all unread reports which can be individually viewed, printed, or achieved. Physicians can also access full disclosure ECG and perform detailed review, measurements and interpretation.

Superior 24/7 support provided by Biomedical Systems significantly reduces staff time spent answering patient's questions.

Batch printing provides a quick way to print all new reports with a quality far superior to traditional faxed reports. Patients may also be enrolled for testing on-line, eliminating the need to manually fill out and fax enrollments.

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Cardiac Event Monitoring Services

  • Our patient friendly event monitors ensure that you get the highest reliability and most accurate ECG recordings possible
  • Post-symptom and memory loop recorders are available, including auto-trigger devices
  • 24/7 support from a staff of fully certified cardiology technicians trained to recognize cardiac rhythms and assist patients of all ages
  • On-line access to patient information

Cardiac Event Data Sheet

Holter Monitoring Services

  • Digital 3 channel Holter recorders with 24 or 48 hour recording capability
  • Immediate internet transmission of ECG data with our Data Exchange Network
  • 24 hour turn-around for all Holter reports
  • Reports are stored as PDF files and available on-line via Data Exchange
  • Graphical display to preview all 3 channels

Holter Data Sheet


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