Biomedical Systems

Worldwide Reliability Since 1975

Biomedical Systems is a premier global provider of centralized diagnostic services.

Founded in 1975, Biomedical Systems has grown to be a leading clinical trial provider to pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and contract research organizations (CROs).

eCOA/ePRO Solutions

Since 2012

Collecting Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) and Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) through easy-to-use electronic equipment and technology for clinical trials and consumer health care projects. We offer web-based, site, and home PROs.

Cardiac Safety

Since 1985

We believe each clinical trial is an opportunity to build relationships with sponsors and investigative sites. We serve as a sturdy foundation leading you through the ever-changing regulatory process from beginning to end. With quality and efficiency at the forefront of our minds, we have successfully built a better cardiac safety experience.


Since 1989

Our expertise ranges across multiple modalities and therapeutic areas such as endocrinology, oncology, neurology, and cardiology. We support a wide array of imaging modalities to meet the protocol-specific needs and provide data to efficiently address the trial’s objectives.

Pulmonary Function

Since 1994

Biomedical Systems pioneered the first centralized spirometry study used in a multi-site clinical trial in 1994. Our pulmonary function core lab has continued to add new centralized services to support our sponsors in areas such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Scientific Affairs

Since 2002

Matching international experts in more than 20 therapeutic areas and over 200 indications to protocol objectives, maximizing the accuracy and validity of data. Our teams function in tandem with clients throughout all aspects of a clinical trial from protocol design to supporting interactions with international regulatory agencies.