Clinical Trial Services

Centralized Digital Pathology

Biomedical Systems offers an innovative way to digitize pathology slides allowing quick and efficient processing of patients for inclusion/exclusion criteria and efficacy... More about Digital Pathology...

Now Offering ePRO Solutions

Biomedical Systems now offers sponsors electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) services. Biomedical Systems can accommodate electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) needs utilizing both validated and non-validated... More about ePRO...

Centralized Pulmonary Function Testing

Biomedical Systems is a leader in the centralization of pulmonary function testing in international pharmaceutical and medical device clinical trials for Spirometry, Peak Flow with... More about Pulmonary Function Testing

Centralized Medical Imaging

Biomedical Systems offers a broad range of Imaging modalities and read analysis for a variety of therapeutic areas giving clients access to the best clinical data while minimizing overall study risk... More about Medical Imaging

Centralized Cardiac Safety & Efficacy

Biomedical Systems is a global leader in the centralization of cardiac safety and efficacy diagnostic data for pharmaceutical and medical device clinical trials... More about Cardiac Safety & Efficacy

Centralized Neurophysiology

Biomedical Systems is the only centralized diagnostic lab offering an extensive number of modalities to capture brain activity for clinical trials... More about Neurophysiology

Physician Services

Introducing TruVue: Wireless Ambulatory ECG Monitoring System

TruVue Wireless Ambulatory ECG Monitoring is the only ECG monitor that collects ALL of the ECG in a given period of time.The TruVue...Learn More